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org.j3d.geom.particle Generalised classes for providing particle systems in any rendering environment. 

Uses of BaseEmitter in org.j3d.geom.particle

Subclasses of BaseEmitter in org.j3d.geom.particle
 class ExplosionPointEmitter
          Generates particles that explode from a point in space, in any direction.
 class MaxAgePointEmitter
          Emits particles at a fixed point in space which only have a maximum time limit and color set - all other values are zeroed out.
 class MaxAgePointForceEmitter
          MaxAgePointEmitter checks the age of a Particle and reinitializes it by moving it to a point in space and clearing resultant force and velocity and setting a new randomized force on the Particle.
 class MaxTimePointEmitter
          Emitter that limits the maximum age based on wall-clock existance time.
 class PointEmitter
          Particle emitter that generates particles with an initial speed and direction from a single point in space.
 class PolylineEmitter
          An emitter that generates particles along a single polyline length.

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