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org.j3d.device.input Input devices. 
org.j3d.device.input.jinput Devices implemented using the JInput native device drivers. 

Uses of Tracker in org.j3d.device.input

Methods in org.j3d.device.input that return Tracker
 Tracker[] TrackerDevice.getTrackers()
          Get the trackers of this device.

Uses of Tracker in org.j3d.device.input.jinput

Subclasses of Tracker in org.j3d.device.input.jinput
 class AxisTracker
          A tracker implementation sourcing values from a USB axis.

Methods in org.j3d.device.input.jinput that return Tracker
 Tracker[] Wheel.getTrackers()
          Get the trackers of this device.
 Tracker[] Joystick.getTrackers()
          Get the trackers of this device.
 Tracker[] Gamepad.getTrackers()
          Get the trackers of this device.

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