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Packages that use HAnimObjectParent
org.j3d.geom.hanim Generalised classes describing humanioid figures that are compliant with the H-Anim 1.1 specification. 

Uses of HAnimObjectParent in org.j3d.geom.hanim

Classes in org.j3d.geom.hanim that implement HAnimObjectParent
 class HAnimHumanoid
          Common base representation of a H-Anim Humanoid object.
 class HAnimJoint
          Representation of a H-Anim Joint object.

Fields in org.j3d.geom.hanim declared as HAnimObjectParent
protected  HAnimObjectParent HAnimJoint.parent
          The parent of this joint

Methods in org.j3d.geom.hanim with parameters of type HAnimObjectParent
protected  void HAnimSite.setParent(HAnimObjectParent parent)
          Set the parent of this node to the given reference.
protected  void HAnimJoint.setParent(HAnimObjectParent parent, float[] srcCoords, int numCoords, float[] srcNormals, int numNormals, java.lang.Object destCoords, java.lang.Object destNormals)
          Set the parent of this node to the given reference.

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