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Package org.j3d.loaders.ac3d

Classes for parsing and loading AC3D files v3.0 and later.


Interface Summary
Ac3dParseObserver An observer to process the parsing of an AC3D file.

Class Summary
Ac3dMaterial Defines a model to represent the properties of a surface material in the AC3D file format.
Ac3dObject AC3DObject provides a modeling of the properties that constitute an object in the AC3D file format specification.
Ac3dParser AC3DFileParser handles the work of parsing the AC3D data from a stream.
Ac3dSurface Representation of the attributes for a polygon surface in the AC3D file format definition.

Package org.j3d.loaders.ac3d Description

Classes for parsing and loading AC3D files v3.0 and later.

Ac3dLoader was originally written as two separate projects. The first project was a general purpose AC3D file parser that loaded the flat file into a hierarchical model for general-purpose use. The second project was the Ac3dLoader implementation, which essentially just provides mapping of the model generated in the parser to their Java 3D representation. Although both projects have been merged into the single Ac3dLoader project, the separate parsing functionality is still available.


This code was donated to the repository by Ryan Wilhm (ryan@entrophica.com). He no longer maintains the code. Maintenance is performed by the repository holders.

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