The Code Repository

The current stable version is v1.1.0 (Sept 2011)

This site is devoted to the Java 3D code repository that we run. Within this code we keep a collection of useful utilities for almost any sort of Java 3D application. We encourage you to take and use this code, and especially to tweak and contribute to it to make it useful for more Java and Java 3D programmers. In fact, while this code is Java 3D specific, very little work needs to be done to use it with any other 3D graphics API, such as OpenGL.

To get started, you may want to download the code or go ahead and read a little bit about what it does.

To check on what bugs are currently registered or to add a new bug, please visit the Bugzilla area.

If you are interested in lower-level 3D graphics work, check out the Aviatrix3D project - a Java-based OpenGL Scene graph API that is maintained as part of the site.

Recent Additions

v1.1 is now released.

Work in Progress

  • Updating code to make use of JDK 1.6 features
  • LDraw file format support