Contributors and Acknowledgements

The crew would like to acknowledge the following people and groups that have provided code, debugging and patches to the repository.

  • Ryan Wilhm ( for donating the AC3D loader implementation.
  • Institutt for energiteknikk For the core of the navigation code.
  • Bill Day For keeping some of the original code from the Java 3D loader archive that started much of this effort off.
  • Dave Yazel and Will Holcomb for the core of the overlay code.
  • Paul Szawlowski of University Of Vienna, Department of Medical Computer Sciences for the Spaceball 3003/4000 input device implementation and STL loader.
  • Daniel Selman of Tornado Labs. Particle system code.
  • Paul Byrne from Sun Microsystems. The original code for the ROAM implementation.

Justin Couch has written a fair majority of the code that you now have available. He is also the maintainer of the codebase.


The Java 3D logo appearing on the front page was originally used by The Sun Java 3D team back in 1999 on their T-Shirts for JavaOne. AFAIK, it is not a registered trademark of Sun - but the "Java 3D" name is. In fact, Ken Tallman, the J3D marketing manager at the time sent me the original photoshop file of the logo, so I assume I have permission to use it and alter it as I have done. (No, .org bit is not on the original:) )