Code Licensing

The code is licensed under the GNU LGPL version 2.1. However, at times we integrate code from other open source suites that may have less restrictive licenses, such as the BSD license. Individual source files and the root documentation of Javadoc explain where this code can be found.


Because we wish to encourage the use and adoption of this code and make sure that the users also contribute back to the community. While a less restrictive license like that used by X11 allows greater use in commercial applications we don't wish to have proprietary, incompatible changes made to the library. This is meant to be a widely distributed library so that people only need to install once, not once for each application.

The LGPL is much less restrictive than the full GPL. Yes, you can use this in any commercial application. All you have to do is make sure that in your documentation you point the users to this site as the source of the code. If you make changes to the code, you must make it available to those that you have sold/licensed your code to. Note that it doesn't have to be made available to everyone, just those that purchased your product.

However, we do highly encourage you to send us back any modifications or updates that you've made in the spirit of the community that you've taken from.