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org.j3d.geom Items of geometry that can be used in a Java 3D scenegraph. 
org.j3d.geom.spline Spline and parametric surface geometry. 
org.j3d.geom.terrain Class for processing and generating terrain type geometry. 

Uses of GeometryGenerator in org.j3d.geom

Subclasses of GeometryGenerator in org.j3d.geom
 class BoxGenerator
          Generator of box coordinates, normals and texture coordinates.
 class ConeGenerator
          Generator of Cone raw coordinates and geometry normals.
 class CylinderGenerator
          A simple cylinder that can be configured to have end caps.
 class MobiusGenerator
          A mobius strip geometry generator with specified number of divisions per strip, number of strips, position, and appearance.
 class SphereGenerator
          A customisable sphere where you can specify the radius, center and the number of segments to use around the radius.
 class SpringGenerator
          A generator of Spring geometry with customisable inner radius, outer radius, number of loops, spacing and facet count.
 class SuperShapeGenerator
          Generalised shape generator that is capable of generating almost any 2D shape using a standard algorithm.
 class TorusGenerator
          A generator of Torus geometry values.

Uses of GeometryGenerator in org.j3d.geom.spline

Subclasses of GeometryGenerator in org.j3d.geom.spline
 class BezierGenerator
          Geometry generator for generating a single Bezier curve.
 class BezierPatchGenerator
          Geometry generator for generating rectangular Bezier patches.
 class BSplineGenerator
          Geometry generator for generating a single B-Splinecurve.
 class BSplinePatchGenerator
          Geometry generator for generating rectangular BSpline patches.
 class PatchGenerator
          Base geometry generator defintion for all forms of spline-based patches.

Uses of GeometryGenerator in org.j3d.geom.terrain

Subclasses of GeometryGenerator in org.j3d.geom.terrain
 class ElevationGridGenerator
          A generator that takes a set of height values as a grid and turns it into geometry.
 class FractalTerrainGenerator
          A terrain generator using the standard "fractal" algorithm.

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