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Package org.j3d.geom.particle

Generalised classes for providing particle systems in any rendering environment.


Interface Summary
ParticleFactory Abstract representation of a mechanism to create instances of Particles.
ParticleFunction ParticleFunction is the basic interface for functions that can modify the fields of a Particle.
ParticleInitializer The ParticleInitializer is registered with a ParticleSystem and is responsible for creating and initialising the particles.

Class Summary
BaseEmitter Common base class that implements the ParticleInitializer interface for all emitters.
BoundingBoxParticleFunction Clamps the position of a particle to within a BoundingBox.
ColorRampFunction Apply a colour change over time to the particle.
ExplosionPointEmitter Generates particles that explode from a point in space, in any direction.
FrameCountParticleFunction Simple ParticleFunction that causes a ParticleSystem to run for a fixed number of frames from the start of this function, regardless of the particle's set lifetime.
GravityParticleFunction GravityMovementFunction applied a gravity force to Particles.
MaxAgePointEmitter Emits particles at a fixed point in space which only have a maximum time limit and color set - all other values are zeroed out.
MaxAgePointForceEmitter MaxAgePointEmitter checks the age of a Particle and reinitializes it by moving it to a point in space and clearing resultant force and velocity and setting a new randomized force on the Particle.
MaxTimeParticleFunction A ParticleFunction that is used to cull particles that have reached their maximum allowed time.
MaxTimePointEmitter Emitter that limits the maximum age based on wall-clock existance time.
Particle An abstract Particle that defines some physical properties and life-cycle properties.
ParticleList A special-case linked-list (buffer) implementation for particle systems.
ParticleSystem Abstract representation of a ParticleSystem.
ParticleSystemManager The ParticleSystemManager is a simple manager that controls all of the available particle systems as a single set of updates.
PhysicsFunction Movement function that performs basic F=MA calculations for all the physics that have been set up in this frame by other functions.
PointEmitter Particle emitter that generates particles with an initial speed and direction from a single point in space.
PolylineEmitter An emitter that generates particles along a single polyline length.
TexCoordInterpolator Heavily customised interpolator for determining texture coordinates to apply to a given particle.
WindParticleFunction WindParticleFunction models a directional wind source.

Package org.j3d.geom.particle Description

Generalised classes for providing particle systems in any rendering environment.

Particle systems are used to provide lots of visual effects like smoke and water in a 3D environment. This generalised system provides the basic mechanics and also a collection of pre-built functions for controlling and rendering particles.

This package is not usable directly. It forms the base for a renderer-specific set of functionality. To use the particle system with your desired rendering API, please look under the appropriate org.j3d.renderer package.

Currently the code is considered beta. It works reasonably well, but there are a few things in the code that need work.


The code in this package was originally provided by Daniel Selman of Tornado Labs.

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