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org.j3d.loaders.ac3d Classes for parsing and loading AC3D files v3.0 and later. 

Uses of Ac3dObject in org.j3d.loaders.ac3d

Methods in org.j3d.loaders.ac3d that return Ac3dObject
 Ac3dObject Ac3dObject.getChild(int index)
          Get the child at the given index.
 Ac3dObject[] Ac3dParser.getObjects()
          Fetch the objects from the previously loaded file.

Methods in org.j3d.loaders.ac3d with parameters of type Ac3dObject
 void Ac3dObject.addChild(Ac3dObject child)
          Add a child to this object.
 boolean Ac3dParseObserver.objectComplete(Ac3dObject parent, Ac3dObject obj)
          An object has been completed.Object calls are top donw - the parent is read and sent, but at the time it is sent does not yet contain the children.
 boolean Ac3dParseObserver.surfaceComplete(Ac3dObject obj, Ac3dSurface surf)
          A surface definition from the previously declared object has been read.

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