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Constant Field Values


public static final int EXAMINE 4
public static final int FLY 3
public static final int NAV1 10
public static final int NAV2 11
public static final int NAV3 12
public static final int NAV4 13
public static final int NAV5 14
public static final int NAV6 15
public static final int NAV7 16
public static final int NAV8 17
public static final int NOTHING 0
public static final int PAN 5
public static final int PAN_COLLISION 5
public static final int PICKING 1
public static final int TILT 6
public static final int VIEWPOINT_NEXT 18
public static final int VIEWPOINT_PREV 19
public static final int VIEWPOINT_RESET 20
public static final int WALK 2

public static final int FUNC_BUTTON_1 15
public static final int FUNC_BUTTON_2 16
public static final int FUNC_BUTTON_3 17
public static final int FUNC_BUTTON_4 18
public static final int FUNC_L1_BUTTON 11
public static final int FUNC_LEFT_HAT 10
public static final int FUNC_LEFT_STICK_X 6
public static final int FUNC_LEFT_STICK_Y 7
public static final int FUNC_LEFT_STICK_Z 19
public static final int FUNC_NAV_X 1
public static final int FUNC_NAV_Y 2
public static final int FUNC_NAV_Y_CENTERED 5
public static final int FUNC_NONE -1
public static final int FUNC_ORIENT_X 3
public static final int FUNC_ORIENT_Y 4
public static final int FUNC_R1_BUTTON 12
public static final int FUNC_RIGHT_STICK_X 8
public static final int FUNC_RIGHT_STICK_Y 9
public static final int FUNC_START_BUTTON 13
public static final int FUNC_THROTTLE 0
public static final int FUNC_VIEWPOINT_NEXT 50
public static final int FUNC_WHEEL_X 14

public static final int MASK_NONE 0
public static final int MASK_ORIENTATION 8
public static final int MASK_PICKING 2
public static final int MASK_POSITION 4

public static final int TYPE_BUTTON 128
public static final int TYPE_CLICK 8
public static final int TYPE_DRAG 4
public static final int TYPE_MOVE 32
public static final int TYPE_NONE 0
public static final int TYPE_ORIENTATION 64
public static final int TYPE_PRESS 2
public static final int TYPE_RELEASE 16
public static final int TYPE_WHEEL 256

public static final int INDEXED_LINE_STRIPS 12
public static final int INDEXED_LINES 11
public static final int INDEXED_QUADS 5
public static final int INDEXED_TRIANGLE_FANS 8
public static final int INDEXED_TRIANGLE_STRIPS 7
public static final int INDEXED_TRIANGLES 6
public static final int LINE_STRIPS 10
public static final int LINES 9
public static final int NORMAL_DATA 2
public static final int QUADS 2
public static final int TEXTURE_2D_DATA 4
public static final int TEXTURE_3D_DATA 8
public static final int TRIANGLE_FANS 4
public static final int TRIANGLE_STRIPS 3
public static final int TRIANGLES 1

public static final int X_AXIS 1
public static final int Y_AXIS 2
public static final int Z_AXIS 3

public static final int ABSOLUTE_HEIGHTS 2
public static final int RELATIVE_HEIGHTS 1

public static final int POLYGON_ARRAY 5
public static final int QUAD_ARRAY 2
public static final int TRIANGLE_ARRAY 1
public static final int TRIANGLE_FAN_ARRAY 3
public static final int TRIANGLE_STRIP_ARRAY 4

public static final int SUPPORTED_FORMAT_VERSION 11

public static final int FLAG_CLOSEDLINE 1
public static final int FLAG_LINE 2
public static final int FLAG_POLYGON 0
public static final int FLAG_SHADED 16
public static final int FLAG_TWOSIDED 32

public static final int BYTE_TYPE 2
public static final int CHAR_TYPE 1
public static final int FLOAT_TYPE 4
public static final int INT_TYPE 3
protected static final java.lang.String LOCKED_PARAM_MSG "This parameter is locked and cannot be modified"

public static final int ARC_SECONDS 3
public static final int EASTING 0
public static final int FEET 1
public static final int METERS 2
public static final int NORTHING 0
public static final int RADIANS 0
public static final int X 0
public static final int Y 1
public static final int Z 2

public static final int AREA_SUSPECT 0
public static final int AREA_SUSPECT_AND_VOID 0
public static final int AREA_SUSPECT_NONE 0
public static final int AREA_VOID 0
public static final int DEFAULT_DATA_EDITION 1
public static final int DEFAULT_PATTERN 1
public static final int DEFAULT_POLY_SIDES 4
public static final float DEFAULT_REF_SYSTEM_ANGLE 0.0f
public static final int DEM_1 1
public static final int DEM_2 2
public static final int DEM_3 3
public static final int DEM_4 4
public static final int G_REF_GEOGRAPHIC 0
public static final int G_REF_STATEPLANE 2
public static final int G_REF_UTM 1
public static final int HORIZONTAL_DATUM_NAD27 1
public static final int HORIZONTAL_DATUM_NAD83 4
public static final int HORIZONTAL_DATUM_OLDHAWAII 5
public static final int HORIZONTAL_DATUM_PUERTORICO 6
public static final int HORIZONTAL_DATUM_WGS72 2
public static final int HORIZONTAL_DATUM_WGS84 3
public static final int INTERVAL_UNIT_ARCSEC 3
public static final int INTERVAL_UNIT_FEET 1
public static final int INTERVAL_UNIT_METERS 2
public static final int INTERVAL_UNIT_RADIANS 0
public static final int PROCESS_CTOG 3
public static final int PROCESS_DCASS 4
public static final int PROCESS_DLG_CPS3 6
public static final int PROCESS_DLG_LINETRACE 5
public static final int PROCESS_ELECTRONIC 7
public static final int PROCESS_GRIDEM 2
public static final int PROCESS_RESAMPLE 1
public static final int VALIDATE_BATCH 2
public static final int VALIDATE_L1_REVIEW 4
public static final int VALIDATE_L2_VERIFIED 5
public static final int VALIDATE_NONE 0
public static final int VALIDATE_RMSE 1
public static final int VALIDATE_WATER 3
public static final int VERTICAL_DATUM_MSL 1
public static final int VERTICAL_DATUM_NAVD 3
public static final int VERTICAL_DATUM_NGVD 2

public static final int AMBIENT_LIGHT 1
public static final int DIRECTIONAL_LIGHT 1
public static final int SPOT_LIGHT 2

public static final int AMBIENT_LIGHT 8448
public static final int AMBIENT_NODE_TAG 45057
public static final int BACK_VIEW 12384
public static final int BITMAP 4352
public static final int BOTTOM_VIEW 12320
public static final int BOX_MAP 16784
public static final int C_ALL_LINES 49520
public static final int C_ALPHA_SPLIT 51756
public static final int C_ANG_THRESH 51456
public static final int C_ANIMLENGTH 50965
public static final int C_APPLY_DISP_GAMMA 52624
public static final int C_APPLY_FBUF_GAMMA 52640
public static final int C_APPLY_FILE_GAMMA 52656
public static final int C_ARCH_DENOM 50112
public static final int C_ASNAPS 49408
public static final int C_AUTO_REFLECT 49786
public static final int C_AUTO_SMOOTH 51840
public static final int C_AUTO_UNIFY 51824
public static final int C_AUTO_WELD 51808
public static final int C_BACK_TYPE 49536
public static final int C_BACKUP_FILE 51744
public static final int C_BGND_METHOD 49785
public static final int C_BGND_PRES_RATIO 52832
public static final int C_BGTYPE 51105
public static final int C_BIAS_DEFAULT 51782
public static final int C_BITMAP_DRAWER 49755
public static final int C_BLUR_DUR 52512
public static final int C_BLUR_FRAMES 52480
public static final int C_BLUR_SAMPLES 52496
public static final int C_BOOLTYPE 51185
public static final int C_BOOLWELD 51184
public static final int C_CAMNAME 50448
public static final int C_COMM_PORT 50160
public static final int C_CONESEGS 50785
public static final int C_CONESIDES 50784
public static final int C_CONSTS 49360
public static final int C_CONT_DEFAULT 51780
public static final int C_CUBDRAWER 49255
public static final int C_CUR_MNAME 50469
public static final int C_CURMTL_FROM_MESH 50470
public static final int C_CURTIME 50960
public static final int C_DETAIL 50480
public static final int C_DISP_GAMMA 52576
public static final int C_DITHER_24 52768
public static final int C_DITHER_256 51745
public static final int C_DXF_SMOOTH_ANG 51856
public static final int C_DXFNAME_SRC 51792
public static final int C_EDITOR_OK 50272
public static final int C_ETAPE 50624
public static final int C_FBUF_GAMMA 52592
public static final int C_FILE_IN_GAMMA 52610
public static final int C_FILE_OUT_GAMMA 52608
public static final int C_FLIDRAWER 49254
public static final int C_FLIFILE 49334
public static final int C_FONTSEL 50912
public static final int C_FORCE_WIRE 52672
public static final int C_FROZ_DISPLAY 51168
public static final int C_GAMMA_CORRECT 52612
public static final int C_GEOSMOOTH 50656
public static final int C_GET_SHAPE_MAKE_FACES 50471
public static final int C_GRIDS 49392
public static final int C_GRRANGE 49424
public static final int C_HEBOT 49872
public static final int C_HEDEG 49920
public static final int C_HEDIR 49952
public static final int C_HEHT 49888
public static final int C_HEMISEGS 50672
public static final int C_HESEG 49936
public static final int C_HETOP 49856
public static final int C_HETURNS 49904
public static final int C_HI_CONTRAST 51153
public static final int C_HOT_CHECK 52544
public static final int C_HOT_METHOD 52528
public static final int C_IN_DEVICE 50128
public static final int C_JPEG_COMPRESSION 49749
public static final int C_KEYFRAMER_OK 50288
public static final int C_KF_SHOW_BACKFACE 51760
public static final int C_KTAPE 50632
public static final int C_LO_CONTRAST 51152
public static final int C_LOFT_L_REPEAT 49604
public static final int C_LOFT_UV_NORMALIZE 49606
public static final int C_LOFT_W_REPEAT 49605
public static final int C_LOFT_WITH_TEXTURE 49603
public static final int C_LOFTER_OK 50256
public static final int C_LTAPE 50608
public static final int C_LTNAME 50464
public static final int C_MAP_DISPLAY 50336
public static final int C_MAP_MATRIX 50401
public static final int C_MAP_MATRIX_OLD 50400
public static final int C_MAP_SCALE 50384
public static final int C_MAP_WHT 50416
public static final int C_MAP_XYZ 50368
public static final int C_MAPDRAWER 51712
public static final int C_MAPDRAWER_ENTRY 51728
public static final int C_MAPDRAWER1 51713
public static final int C_MAPDRAWER2 51714
public static final int C_MAPDRAWER3 51715
public static final int C_MAPDRAWER4 51716
public static final int C_MAPDRAWER5 51717
public static final int C_MAPDRAWER6 51718
public static final int C_MAPDRAWER7 51719
public static final int C_MAPDRAWER8 51720
public static final int C_MAPDRAWER9 51721
public static final int C_MAPTYPE 50320
public static final int C_MASTER_AMBIENT 52704
public static final int C_MASTER_SCALES 50208
public static final int C_MBLUR_DITHER 52752
public static final int C_MD_CE 49568
public static final int C_MD_CS 49552
public static final int C_MD_PDET 49616
public static final int C_MD_SDET 49632
public static final int C_MD_SML 49584
public static final int C_MD_SMW 49600
public static final int C_MDRAWER 49168
public static final int C_MEDTILE 51120
public static final int C_MESHSEL 50032
public static final int C_MESHUNSEL 50048
public static final int C_MFILE 49264
public static final int C_MFTSYM 50848
public static final int C_MODDRAWER 49216
public static final int C_MODFILE 49296
public static final int C_MODICOUNT 50896
public static final int C_MODMODEL 49504
public static final int C_MODWMODE 49488
public static final int C_MSCALE 50144
public static final int C_MSCSYM 50832
public static final int C_MSHAX 50512
public static final int C_MSHCP 50528
public static final int C_MSHLOCAL 50084
public static final int C_MTLDRAWER 49252
public static final int C_MTLFILE 49332
public static final int C_MTTSYM 50864
public static final int C_NET_FIELD_ORDER 52256
public static final int C_NET_USE_GAMMA 52240
public static final int C_NET_USE_VPOST 52224
public static final int C_NGPARMS 50800
public static final int C_NTH_SERIAL_NUM 52848
public static final int C_NUM_FORMAT 50096
public static final int C_OBJECT_MBLUR 52736
public static final int C_OBNAME 50432
public static final int C_OPTIMIZE_LOFT 51776
public static final int C_PAL_TYPE 49782
public static final int C_PALFILE 49336
public static final int C_PDRAWER 49250
public static final int C_PFILE 49330
public static final int C_PICKSIZE 50304
public static final int C_PIXEL_SIZE 52560
public static final int C_POLYSEL 50064
public static final int C_POLYUNSEL 50080
public static final int C_PREVMODE 49472
public static final int C_PRISMSEGS 50688
public static final int C_PRISMSIDES 50704
public static final int C_PROGMODE 49456
public static final int C_PTHLEVEL 50816
public static final int C_PV_DOFNUM 50992
public static final int C_PV_FPS 51029
public static final int C_PV_FROM 50976
public static final int C_PV_METHOD 51024
public static final int C_PV_NTH 51008
public static final int C_PV_RNG 50997
public static final int C_PV_TO 50981
public static final int C_PV_TYPE 51013
public static final int C_QUIKSTUFF 49968
public static final int C_RAX 50576
public static final int C_RAY_SHADOWS 52688
public static final int C_REFLIP 51750
public static final int C_REND_FIELDS 51749
public static final int C_REND_FROM 49779
public static final int C_REND_NTH 49781
public static final int C_REND_TO 49780
public static final int C_REND_TSTEP 49790
public static final int C_RENDER_ALL 49778
public static final int C_RENDTYPE 49440
public static final int C_RGB_AA 49680
public static final int C_RGB_ANIMTYPE 49777
public static final int C_RGB_COMPRESS 49748
public static final int C_RGB_DISPDEV 49750
public static final int C_RGB_FILE 49760
public static final int C_RGB_HARDDEV 49753
public static final int C_RGB_HIDE 49664
public static final int C_RGB_MAPSW 49666
public static final int C_RGB_OUTPUT 49744
public static final int C_RGB_OVASPECT 49776
public static final int C_RGB_OVH 49712
public static final int C_RGB_OVW 49696
public static final int C_RGB_PATH 49754
public static final int C_RGB_PICTYPE 49728
public static final int C_RGB_RMODE 49648
public static final int C_RGB_SHADOW 49672
public static final int C_RGB_TODISK 49747
public static final int C_RGB_TWOSIDE 49668
public static final int C_RIPDRAWER 49232
public static final int C_RIPFILE 49312
public static final int C_RND_MIP 49784
public static final int C_RND_TURBO 49783
public static final int C_SAFE_FRAME 52800
public static final int C_SAVE_LAST 51746
public static final int C_SEE_3D 50016
public static final int C_SEE_CAMERAS 50000
public static final int C_SEE_LIGHTS 49984
public static final int C_SEG_END 50949
public static final int C_SEG_START 50944
public static final int C_SEL_ITEMTOG 51751
public static final int C_SEL_RESET 51752
public static final int C_SHAPER_OK 50240
public static final int C_SHOOK 50560
public static final int C_SHOW_1STVERT 50224
public static final int C_SHPDRAWER 49200
public static final int C_SHPFILE 49280
public static final int C_SHPLOCAL 50082
public static final int C_SMOOTH_ANG 51872
public static final int C_SMOOTHING 50880
public static final int C_SNAPS 49376
public static final int C_SPHSEGS 50640
public static final int C_SRDEG 49808
public static final int C_SRDIAM 49792
public static final int C_SRDIR 49840
public static final int C_SRSEG 49824
public static final int C_SS_THRESH 51457
public static final int C_STAPE 50592
public static final int C_STICKY_KEYINF 51753
public static final int C_SUPER_BLACK 52784
public static final int C_SUPER_SAMPLE 52720
public static final int C_SXP_BUMP_DATA 51986
public static final int C_SXP_BUMP_MASKDATA 52022
public static final int C_SXP_OPAC_DATA 51985
public static final int C_SXP_OPAC_MASKDATA 52020
public static final int C_SXP_REFL_MASKDATA 52030
public static final int C_SXP_SELFI_DATA 52008
public static final int C_SXP_SHIN_DATA 51987
public static final int C_SXP_SHIN_MASKDATA 52026
public static final int C_SXP_SPEC_DATA 52004
public static final int C_SXP_SPEC_MASKDATA 52024
public static final int C_SXP_TEXT_DATA 51984
public static final int C_SXP_TEXT_MASKDATA 52016
public static final int C_SXP_TEXT2_DATA 52000
public static final int C_SXP_TEXT2_MASKDATA 52018
public static final int C_TAB_BASES 50176
public static final int C_TAB_DIVS 50192
public static final int C_TDRAWER 49184
public static final int C_TENS_DEFAULT 51778
public static final int C_TESS_TENSION 50929
public static final int C_TESS_TYPE 50928
public static final int C_TEXTURE_BLUR_DEFAULT 51459
public static final int C_TGA_DEPTH 51748
public static final int C_TILE_XY 50352
public static final int C_TORSEGS 50752
public static final int C_TORSIDES 50768
public static final int C_TUBESEGS 50720
public static final int C_TUBESIDES 50736
public static final int C_TX_STRING 49344
public static final int C_TXDRAWER 49248
public static final int C_TXFILE 49328
public static final int C_USE_ALPHA 51747
public static final int C_USERAX 50544
public static final int C_VERTMARK 50496
public static final int C_VIEW_PRES_RATIO 52816
public static final int C_VP_FROM 49787
public static final int C_VP_NTH 49789
public static final int C_VP_TO 49788
public static final int C_VP_TSTEP 49791
public static final int C_VTR_FRAMES 51045
public static final int C_VTR_HD 51057
public static final int C_VTR_HDTL 51056
public static final int C_VTR_IN 51061
public static final int C_VTR_PK 51072
public static final int C_VTR_SH 51077
public static final int C_VTR_TL 51058
public static final int C_WELD_LOFT 49607
public static final int C_WELD_THRESHOLD 51754
public static final int C_WORK_MTLS 51088
public static final int C_WORK_MTLS_2 51090
public static final int C_WORK_MTLS_3 51091
public static final int C_WORK_MTLS_4 51092
public static final int C_WORK_MTLS_5 51968
public static final int C_WORK_MTLS_6 51969
public static final int C_WORK_MTLS_7 51970
public static final int C_WORK_MTLS_8 51971
public static final int C_WORKMTL 51972
public static final int C_ZCLIP_POINT 51755
public static final int CAMERA_NODE_TAG 45059
public static final int CAMERA_OLD 17664
public static final int CAMERA_RANGE 18208
public static final int CAMERA_SEE_CONE 18192
public static final int CAMERA_VIEW 12416
public static final int CHUNK_IS 2457
public static final int CHUNK_NOT 2455
public static final int CHUNK_TYPE 2453
public static final int CHUNK_UNIQUE 2454
public static final int CMAGIC 49725
public static final int COL_TRACK_TAG_KEY 61477
public static final int COLOR24 17
public static final int COLORF 16
public static final int CONTAINER 2456
public static final int DCUE_BACKGROUND 8976
public static final int DEFAULT_VIEW 12288
public static final int DEFORM_LIMIT 24736
public static final int DIR_LIGHT_ATTENUATION 17957
public static final int DIR_LIGHT_EXCLUDE 18004
public static final int DIR_LIGHT_INNER_RANGE 18009
public static final int DIR_LIGHT_LOCAL_SHADOW 17984
public static final int DIR_LIGHT_LOCAL_SHADOW2 17985
public static final int DIR_LIGHT_MULTIPLIER 18011
public static final int DIR_LIGHT_OFF 17952
public static final int DIR_LIGHT_OUTER_RANGE 18010
public static final int DIR_LIGHT_RANGE 18005
public static final int DIR_LIGHT_RAY_BIAS 18008
public static final int DIR_LIGHT_RAYSHAD 17959
public static final int DIR_LIGHT_SEE_CONE 18000
public static final int DIR_LIGHT_SHADOWED 17968
public static final int DIR_LIGHT_SPOT_ASPECTRATIO 18007
public static final int DIR_LIGHT_SPOT_OVERSHOOT 18002
public static final int DIR_LIGHT_SPOT_PROJECTOR 18003
public static final int DIR_LIGHT_SPOT_RECT 18001
public static final int DIR_LIGHT_SPOT_ROLLOFF 18006
public static final int DISTANCE_CUE 8960
public static final int DUMMY 65535
public static final int FACE_ARRAY_ENTRY 61728
public static final int FACE_LIST 16672
public static final int FALL_TRACK_TAG_KEY 61480
public static final int FLOAT_PERCENT 49
public static final int FOG 8704
public static final int FOG_BACKGROUND 8720
public static final int FOV_TRACK_TAG_KEY 61475
public static final int FRONTVIEW 12368
public static final int HEIRARCHY 20224
public static final int HI_SHADOW_BIAS 5136
public static final int HOT_TRACK_TAG_KEY 61479
public static final int ID2_VERSION 5
public static final int INT_PERCENT 48
public static final int INTERPCT 24720
public static final int KEYFRAME_BOUNDS 45076
public static final int KEYFRAME_CHUNK 45056
public static final int KEYFRAME_COLOR_TRACK_TAG 45093
public static final int KEYFRAME_CURRENT_TIME 45065
public static final int KEYFRAME_FALLOFF_TRACK_TAG 45096
public static final int KEYFRAME_FOV_TRACK_TAG 45091
public static final int KEYFRAME_HEADER 45066
public static final int KEYFRAME_HIDE_TRACK_TAG 45097
public static final int KEYFRAME_HOTSPOT_TRACK_TAG 45095
public static final int KEYFRAME_INSTANCE_NAME 45073
public static final int KEYFRAME_MORPH_TRACK_TAG 45094
public static final int KEYFRAME_NODE_HEADER 45072
public static final int KEYFRAME_NODE_ID 45104
public static final int KEYFRAME_PIVOT 45075
public static final int KEYFRAME_POSITION_TRACK_TAG 45088
public static final int KEYFRAME_PRESCALE 45074
public static final int KEYFRAME_ROLL_TRACK_TAG 45092
public static final int KEYFRAME_ROTATION_TRACK_TAG 45089
public static final int KEYFRAME_SCALE_TRACK_TAG 45090
public static final int KEYFRAME_SEGMENT 45064
public static final int KEYFRAME_SMOOTH_MORPH 45077
public static final int LAYER_FOG 8962
public static final int LEFT_VIEW 12336
public static final int LIGHT_NODE_TAG 45061
public static final int LIGHT_TARGET_NODE_TAG 45062
public static final int LIN_COLOR24 18
public static final int LIN_COLORF 19
public static final int LMAGIC 11581
public static final int LOW_SHADOW_BIAS 5120
public static final int M_BEVEL 24672
public static final int M_FIT 24656
public static final int M_SCALE 24608
public static final int M_TEETER 24640
public static final int M_TWIST 24624
public static final int MAIN_CHUNK 19789
public static final int MASTER_SCALE 256
public static final int MAT_ACUBIC 41744
public static final int MAT_ADDITIVE 41091
public static final int MAT_AMBIENT 40976
public static final int MAT_BUMP_PERCENT 41554
public static final int MAT_BUMPMAP 41520
public static final int MAT_BUMPMASK 41796
public static final int MAT_DECAL 41090
public static final int MAT_DIFFUSE 40992
public static final int MAT_FACEMAP 41096
public static final int MAT_MAP_ANG 41820
public static final int MAT_MAP_BCOL 41832
public static final int MAT_MAP_COL1 41824
public static final int MAT_MAP_COL2 41826
public static final int MAT_MAP_GCOL 41830
public static final int MAT_MAP_RCOL 41828
public static final int MAT_MAP_TEXBLUR 41811
public static final int MAT_MAP_TEXBLUR_OLD 41810
public static final int MAT_MAP_TILING 41809
public static final int MAT_MAP_TILINGOLD 41808
public static final int MAT_MAP_UOFFSET 41816
public static final int MAT_MAP_USCALE 41812
public static final int MAT_MAP_VOFFSET 41818
public static final int MAT_MAP_VSCALE 41814
public static final int MAT_MAPNAME 41728
public static final int MAT_NAME 40960
public static final int MAT_OPACMAP 41488
public static final int MAT_OPACMASK 41794
public static final int MAT_PHONGSOFT 41100
public static final int MAT_REFBLUR 41043
public static final int MAT_REFLMAP 41504
public static final int MAT_REFLMASK 41804
public static final int MAT_SELF_ILLUM 41088
public static final int MAT_SELF_ILPCT 41092
public static final int MAT_SELFIMAP 41789
public static final int MAT_SELFIMASK 41802
public static final int MAT_SHADING 41216
public static final int MAT_SHIN2PCT 41025
public static final int MAT_SHIN3PCT 41026
public static final int MAT_SHININESS 41024
public static final int MAT_SHINMAP 41788
public static final int MAT_SHINMASK 41798
public static final int MAT_SPECMAP 41476
public static final int MAT_SPECMASK 41800
public static final int MAT_SPECULAR 41008
public static final int MAT_SUPERSMP 41094
public static final int MAT_SXP_BUMP_DATA 41764
public static final int MAT_SXP_BUMP_MASKDATA 41776
public static final int MAT_SXP_OPAC_DATA 41762
public static final int MAT_SXP_OPAC_MASKDATA 41774
public static final int MAT_SXP_REFL_MASKDATA 41784
public static final int MAT_SXP_SELFI_DATA 41768
public static final int MAT_SXP_SELFI_MASKDATA 41782
public static final int MAT_SXP_SHIN_DATA 41766
public static final int MAT_SXP_SHIN_MASKDATA 41780
public static final int MAT_SXP_SPEC_DATA 41765
public static final int MAT_SXP_SPEC_MASKDATA 41778
public static final int MAT_SXP_TEXT_DATA 41760
public static final int MAT_SXP_TEXT_MASKDATA 41770
public static final int MAT_SXP_TEXT2_DATA 41761
public static final int MAT_SXP_TEXT2_MASKDATA 41772
public static final int MAT_TEX2MAP 41786
public static final int MAT_TEX2MASK 41792
public static final int MAT_TEXMAP 41472
public static final int MAT_TEXMASK 41790
public static final int MAT_TRANSPARENCY 41040
public static final int MAT_TWO_SIDE 41089
public static final int MAT_USE_REFBLUR 41552
public static final int MAT_USE_XPFALL 41536
public static final int MAT_WIREABS 41102
public static final int MAT_WIREFRAME 41093
public static final int MAT_WIRESIZE 41095
public static final int MAT_XPFALL 41042
public static final int MAT_XPFALLIN 41098
public static final int MATERIAL_BLOCK 45055
public static final int MATERIAL_FILE 15871
public static final int MATERIAL_LIB 15786
public static final int MATERIAL_LIST 16688
public static final int MATERIAL_OLD 16689
public static final int MESH_COLOR 16741
public static final int MESH_DATA 15677
public static final int MESH_MATRIX 16736
public static final int MESH_TEXTURE_INFO 16752
public static final int MESH_VERSION 15678
public static final int MORPH_TRACK_TAG_KEY 61478
public static final int MSH_MAT_GROUP_ENTRY 61744
public static final int N_AMBIENT_LIGHT 18048
public static final int N_CAMERA 18176
public static final int N_D_L_OLD 17408
public static final int N_DIRECTIONAL_LIGHT 17920
public static final int NAMED_OBJECT 16384
public static final int NETWORK_VIEW 28720
public static final int NO_CAST 16402
public static final int NULL_CHUNK 0
public static final int O_CONST 5376
public static final int OBJ_FAST 16404
public static final int OBJ_FROZEN 16406
public static final int OBJ_HIDDEN 16400
public static final int OBJ_MATTE 16403
public static final int OBJ_NOT_SHADOWED 16407
public static final int OBJ_PROCEDURAL 16405
public static final int OBJECT_NODE_TAG 45058
public static final int P_ALPH_ALPHA 53840
public static final int P_ALPH_BLUR 53794
public static final int P_ALPH_C0 53808
public static final int P_ALPH_CUTOFF 53872
public static final int P_ALPH_IMAGE 53824
public static final int P_ALPH_KCOL 53813
public static final int P_ALPH_NONE 53776
public static final int P_ALPH_OP_KEY 53809
public static final int P_ALPH_OP_NOCONV 53816
public static final int P_ALPH_OP_PSEUDO 53793
public static final int P_ALPH_PCOL 53797
public static final int P_ALPH_PSEUDO 53792
public static final int P_ALPH_QUEIMG 53861
public static final int P_ALPH_QUES 53856
public static final int P_ALPHANEG 53888
public static final int P_CUSTOM_SIZE 53664
public static final int P_PROc_DATA 54528
public static final int P_QUEUE_ALIGN 53648
public static final int P_QUEUE_ENTRY 53504
public static final int P_QUEUE_GRADIENT 53568
public static final int P_QUEUE_IMAGE 53520
public static final int P_QUEUE_KF 53584
public static final int P_QUEUE_MB_REPEAT 53587
public static final int P_QUEUE_MOTBLUR 53586
public static final int P_QUEUE_NONE 53600
public static final int P_QUEUE_OFFSET 53637
public static final int P_QUEUE_PROC 53536
public static final int P_QUEUE_RESIZE 53632
public static final int P_QUEUE_SOLID 53552
public static final int P_QUEUE_USEIGAMMA 53524
public static final int P_RANGES 54272
public static final int P_TRAN_FADEIN 54048
public static final int P_TRAN_FADEOUT 54064
public static final int P_TRAN_FRAMES 54034
public static final int P_TRAN_IMAGE 54032
public static final int P_TRAN_NONE 54016
public static final int P_TRANNEG 54080
public static final int PARENT_NAME 33008
public static final int PARENT_OBJECT 20240
public static final int PATH_3D 24576
public static final int PATH_MATRIX 24581
public static final int PIVOT_LIMITS 20272
public static final int PIVOT_OBJECT 20256
public static final int PIVOT_ORDER 20288
public static final int POINT_ARRAY_ENTRY 61712
public static final int POINT_FLAG_ARRAY_ENTRY 61713
public static final int POLY_2D 20480
public static final int POS_TRACK_TAG_KEY 61472
public static final int PROCEDURE_DATA 16770
public static final int PROCEDURE_NAME 16769
public static final int PROJECT_DATA 15810
public static final int RAY_BIAS 5216
public static final int RIGHT_VIEW 12352
public static final int ROLL_TRACK_TAG_KEY 61476
public static final int ROT_TRACK_TAG_KEY 61473
public static final int SCL_TRACK_TAG_KEY 61474
public static final int SHADOW_MAP_FILTER 5200
public static final int SHADOW_MAP_RANGE 5184
public static final int SHADOW_MAP_SAMPLES 5168
public static final int SHADOW_MAP_SIZE 5152
public static final int SHAPE_2D 24592
public static final int SHAPE_BAD 20497
public static final int SHAPE_HOOK 20512
public static final int SHAPE_OK 20496
public static final int SMAGIC 11565
public static final int SMOOTH_GROUP_ENTRY 61776
public static final int SMOOTH_LIST 16720
public static final int SOLID_BG 4608
public static final int SPOT_LIGHT 17936
public static final int SPOTLIGHT_NODE_TAG 45063
public static final int TARGET_NODE_TAG 45060
public static final int TEX_VERTS_ENTRY 61760
public static final int TEXCOORD_LIST 16704
public static final int TOP_VIEW 12304
public static final int TRANSLATE_RANGE 20304
public static final int TRI_MESH 16640
public static final int USE_BEVEL 24928
public static final int USE_BITMAP 4353
public static final int USE_CONTOUR 24832
public static final int USE_DISTANCE_CUE 8961
public static final int USE_FIT 24912
public static final int USE_FOG 8705
public static final int USE_LAYER_FOG 8963
public static final int USE_SCALE 24864
public static final int USE_SOLID_BG 4609
public static final int USE_TEETER 24896
public static final int USE_TWEEN 24848
public static final int USE_TWIST 24880
public static final int USE_V_GRADIENT 4865
public static final int USER_VIEW 12400
public static final int V_GRADIENT 4864
public static final int VERSION 2
public static final int VERTEX_FLAG 16657
public static final int VERTEX_LIST 16656
public static final int VIEWPORT_DATA 28689
public static final int VIEWPORT_DATA_3 1810
public static final int VIEWPORT_DATA_OLD 28688
public static final int VIEWPORT_LAYOUT 28673
public static final int VIEWPORT_LAYOUT_OLD 28672
public static final int VIEWPORT_SIZE 28704
public static final int VIS_LOFTER 16401
public static final int VPDATA 53248
public static final int WINDOW_VIEW 12432
public static final int XDATA_APPNAME 32770
public static final int XDATA_DOUBLE 32773
public static final int XDATA_ENTRY 32769
public static final int XDATA_FLOAT 32772
public static final int XDATA_GROUP 32777
public static final int XDATA_LONG 32775
public static final int XDATA_RFU1 32783
public static final int XDATA_RFU2 32782
public static final int XDATA_RFU3 32781
public static final int XDATA_RFU4 32780
public static final int XDATA_RFU5 32779
public static final int XDATA_RFU6 32778
public static final int XDATA_SECTION 32768
public static final int XDATA_SHORT 32774
public static final int XDATA_STRING 32771
public static final int XDATA_VOID 32776
public static final int XZ_CURVE 24688
public static final int YZ_CURVE 24704

public static final int USE_BITMAP 1
public static final int USE_DISTANCE_FOG 4
public static final int USE_GRADIENT 2
public static final int USE_LAYER_FOG 2
public static final int USE_LINEAR_FOG 1
public static final int USE_SOLID_BG 4

public static final int ADINDAN 0
public static final int ARC1950 1
public static final int ARC1960 2
public static final int AUSTRALIAN_GEODETIC_1966 3
public static final int AUSTRALIAN_GEODETIC_1984 4
public static final int CAMP_AREA_ASTRO 5
public static final int CAPE 6
public static final int EUROPEAN_DATUM_1950 7
public static final int EUROPEAN_DATUM_1979 8
public static final int GEODETIC_DATUM_1949 9
public static final int HONG_KONG_1963 10
public static final int HU_TZU_SHAN 11
public static final int INDIAN 12
public static final int NAD27 13
public static final int NAD83 14
public static final int NO_DATUM -2
public static final int OLD_HAWAIIAN_MEAN 15
public static final int OMAN 16
public static final int ORDNANCE_SURVEY_1936 17
public static final int PROVISIONAL_S_AMERICAN_1956 20
public static final int PUERTO_RICO 18
public static final int PULKOVO_1942 19
public static final int TOKYO 21
public static final int UNKNOWN_DATUM -1
public static final java.lang.String VERSION_1_0 "binterr1.0"
public static final java.lang.String VERSION_1_1 "binterr1.1"
public static final java.lang.String VERSION_1_2 "binterr1.2"
public static final int WGS_72 22
public static final int WGS_84 23

public static final int FREEFORM_DATA 3
public static final int STATIC_DATA 1
public static final int TILED_DATA 2

public static final int BASE_TO_BASE 1
public static final int LEFT_TO_RIGHT 2
public static final int RIGHT_TO_LEFT 3
public static final int UNDEFINED -1

public static final java.lang.String DEFAULT_CACHE_PROP "org.j3d.texture.DefaultCacheType"
public static final int FIXED_CACHE 1
public static final int LAST_CACHE_ID 10
public static final int LRU_CACHE 2
public static final int WEAKREF_CACHE 3

public static final int EXAMINE_STATE 5
public static final int FLY_STATE 4
public static final int LOOKAT_STATE 6
public static final int NO_STATE 0
public static final int PAN_STATE 3
public static final int TILT_STATE 2
public static final int WALK_STATE 1

public static final int CLIPPED 4
public static final int IN 1
public static final int OUT 2

public static final int HSV_SPACE 1
public static final int RGB_SPACE 2

protected static final int ARRAY_INCREMENT 5
protected static final int DEFAULT_SIZE 20
public static final int LINEAR 1
public static final int STEP 2

public static final int QUATERNION 3

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